Taking Advantage of DTG Printing As A Clothing Brand


Taking advantage of dtg printing as a clothing brand


In a world that is fast moving and always changing, you need to find new ways to adapt to the market. In this case, the Fashion trends are always changing and you need to deliver. So you may be asking, what is DTG Printing and how can it help me with my brand? So before we dive into details, let’s first get to know what DTG Printing is.

What is direct to garment printing?

Direct to Garment Printing, is a new technology that prints with water-based inks. So when printed, the fabric of the garment ABSORBS the ink rather than sitting on TOP like Screen Printing. So think of your home printer that prints paper, it’s exactly like that but a printer for t-shirts.

 With the new DTG technology, you’re able to print graphics in a much higher detail and able to use unlimited colors. So printing an image you shot over the weekend, can be printed onto the t-shirt.

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taking advantage

A popular way that we see trend through our doors is this execution. . .

 With DTG Printing and it’s benefits, like no minimums and full-color printing, it makes it such a great service to start a brand up. You’re able to test designs, before you do any mass production.
So let’s put an example. . .
Let’s say you have five(5) designs and want to get them printed. Instead of making a full up-front investment for a big batch of each design, take advantage of DTG. As we mentioned before, DTG doesn’t have any minimums. You can go ahead and print one of each of those five designs as samples. Take care of a look book photoshoot of the new designs. Build a campaign for each one or if it’s a collection, of them all. Promote them across social platforms and begin with receiving “Pre-Orders”.
Once you’ve built momentum, received some Pre-Orders for a certain amount of time, it’s now time to put in an screen printing order.
There’s a lot of ways you can go about this as well.
You can always test those five(5) designs and see what performs the best and process the orders as they come in. Another method of taking advantage of the DTG Printing, which is Print-On-Demand.
This clears things up for you, as you never know if your audience will like your design. With these types of benefits that DTG Printing gives you, you’re able to see what’s popular without a huge up-front investment.

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