Should I Get Neck Labels Printed for my Clothing Brand? Plus 5 Templates!


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You’ve got your latest designs ready to be sent over to your screen printer but the idea of custom neck labels came up. You’re wondering if it’s worth the investment?
If it’s within your budget, you should. As it might cost a fee to add that to your products, there is some key benefits you’d want to consider.
In this article, we’ll be covering why it’s worth it and how it can impact your clothing brands success.
If this is your first time hearing about custom printed “Neck Labels”, don’t worry, we’ll dive into the details.

What are Custom Neck Labels?

In general this tends to fall under the “Private Labeling” category of your clothing brand. Neck Labels can be found on the inside of your t-shirt on the neck. It usually contains important information such as the company logo, size, and care instructions.
As a clothing brand, this is an option that is available for you.
While considering this option for your clothing brand, we want to make sure you’re aware of the pros and cons.
Let’s jump right in with the pros.
Nike Custom Neck Label – Dri-Fit Edition

What T-Shirts can I use?

Now, neck labels are worth it.
What now?
You should consider some things when choosing a t-shirt.
First, not ALL t-shirts can have a custom neck label. It is possible when the t-shirt has “tear-away tags” or “clip-off tags”.
“Tear Away Tags” means the original manufacturer (Gildan, Anvil, Bella+Canvas, Cotton Heritage, etc), tag is easily removable by hand.
“Clip-Off Tags” are tags that need to be cut by using scissors to remove. This option tends to have an extra fee.
So before you decide on t-shirt blank, ask if it has a tear-away tag.
Bella+Canvas #3001 "Tear Away Tag"

Is there certain legal requirements for custom neck labels?

The Federal Trade Commision (FTC), has set some legal requirements for all apparel brands to follow.
Your Neck Label MUST contain:
  • Country of Origin – Where the shirt was manufactured. (Made in Pakistan, USA, India, Australia etc.) This information is on the original tag. This is NOT where is was screen printed.
  • Material Information – What is the garment made out of? (100% cotton, 50% polyester / 50% cotton)
  • Garment Size – Small, Medium, Large, etc.

What other information should my neck label have?

Other than the legal information, you can be creative! Majority of the neck labels contain:
  • Company Logo + Name
  • Care Instructions
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Slogan
Not all the information above needs to be included, but it gives you a starting point on what you can do for your clothing brand.

What else should I consider when designing my clothing brands neck label?

Maximize Artwork Size
If varies from screen printer to screen printer. To get a more accurate information, reach out to them and ask. Although, the most common sizes are no bigger than 4″ x 4″.
Prepping Your Artwork
To ensure you get the best quality print, your artwork must be in vector format. If not, you can supply a high-resolution PSD or a 100% true-to-size transparent PNG file at 300 dpi
Single Color Printing
With this being a small print area, majority of screen printers only do a single color print. (That keeps your cost down low too!) Putting your t-shirt color in consideration, a universal color of ink is Cool Grey 4.
Avoid Small Text
Since the work area is small as it is, keep in mind your text. Screen Printers are able to get a hold of the smallest details but there can be certain limitations. Keep the text on the big side when possible to ensure your information is clear to read. Not doing so, can be a violation of the law.

Elevate Your Clothing Brands Look

As your clothing brand continues to grow and evolve, you’re thinking of what new things you can do.
Adding custom neck labels might be a small detail, but it impacts the way your brand looks and how others feel about the brand. There might be other things that can done like woven labels or hang tags, they all worth investing in.
So what are you waiting for? Download those templates and start creating! It’s an easy way to push your clothing brand to the next level.
Still not sure where to begin? Here at Sabio Printing we help others like yourself take their clothing brands to new levels. Contact our consulting team to get started!

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