Choosing the Right Blank for your Clothing Brand + 3 Popular Blanks

A great idea comes to mind about starting your own clothing brand but you don’t know what t-shirt blank to choose? I’m here to break it down to the simplest form. Now, consider this to be the foundation. As there is different combinations from different brands that offer blanks.
In this article, we’re going to cover the basics: Fabric Types, Color Options, Blank Fit Type, Weight and Cost.


When considering what kind of fabric you want, take a step back and ask yourself these questions:

Do you want a soft feeling?
Maybe some smooth but not too soft?
Will these be used in a Performance environment?
Heavyweight? Lightweight?
Water resistant? For mens, womens?

Still having trouble?
Go find a competitor in your clothing brand niche and see what they’re using. By doing so, you’ll learn how the customer wears the garments.
That should help to see what fabric suits best your customer.
Although, here are some of the most popular fabric types:

  • 100% Cotton
  • 100% Ring-Spun Cotton
  • 50/50 Poly/Cotton Blend
  • 60/40 Poly/Cotton Blend


For the most part, all blank brands will have the foundational: Black, White, Navy, Red, Royal, Greys, etc,.
Depending on your brands vision, you may need more than the foundational. Some blank brands will offer only 5 colors, while others offer 50+ colors.


Another great point to consider, is the fitment.
Does your customer want something more “snug” and “slim”? Or are they looking for something more “relaxed”?

For example, if you’re starting a fitness clothing brand, you’re most likely not going to choose an oversized baggy t-shirt. For the most part, considering the market, it’s a slim fit t-shirt.

Now you can be different and do what you’d like but remember, it all comes down to the customer. So feel free to ask them questions and get feedback.


Now, sort of tying in with the fit type, weight comes into play. As I mentioned in the example above. If you’re starting a fitness clothing brand, you might want a “lightweight” t-shirt. Since potentially your customer will be using it in an active environment.

Or if your clothing brand is tailored more to streetwear, then a heavyweight relaxed fit would be the choice.
The most common weight of t-shirt is in the 5 oz range.


While there is a wide range of pricing, it comes down in how much you are willing to invest. Of course, all the specifications we just spoke about, will reflect on the price. Some t-shirt blanks can range as low as $3.50 and as high as $15. Take in consideration your budget and the end quantity you plan on doing.

You’re still not sure what blank t-shirt brand to choose? Well I made an article of the Best Blanks for your Clothing Brand

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