What is DTF (Direct to Film)?


In short, Direct to Film Transfers (DTF) is a special film which is digitally printed (CMYK) directly and added a specific powder for adhesion. Consider it the “upgraded” paper heat transfer. It is one of the latest printing technology the decorative industry has introduced. This method gives you the ability to print full-color with exceptional detail and clarity in the final print, making it ideal for intricate designs and fine lines.

When should I consider using Direct to Film Transfers (DTF)?

One of the key advantages of direct to film transfers is the ability to achieve sharp, detailed prints with a high level of accuracy. This is great for making things with lots of details, like a picture, super high-color count with no minimums, or your business logo.

Additionally, direct to film transfers offer a fast and cost-effective solution for custom personalized t-shirt or hoodie. The versatility of this method also means that it can be applied to a wide range of materials such as 100% Cotton, 50/50 blends, 100% Polyester, Tri-Blends and more.


Applications of Direct to Film Transfers

Direct to film transfers can be used in a variety of industries and applications, from custom apparel printing. For clothing brands looking to create customized merchandise or promotional items, direct to film transfers offer a high-quality, durable solution that will make their designs stand out.

In the world of graphic design and art, direct to film transfers provide a means to bring intricate and detailed designs to life with stunning clarity and precision. This method can be used to produce a wide range of products.

Which industry can use Direct to Film Transfers (DTF)?

Direct to film transfers can be used for the, clothing brand owners, DIY hustlers or professional print shops. With this being a new technology in the printing world, owning and operating equipment can be costly. That’s not considering the time it takes to learn and perfect the craft.

For Clothing Brand or DIY Hustlers, ordering just the direct to film transfer is a possibility. We understand ideas and quick concepts come to mind randomly. Direct to Film transfers help bring those ideas to life with little cost. Order the direct to film transfer and apply it yourself. 

On the other hand for professional print shops, you may have Screen Printing, Embroidery and even Direct to Garment under your roof. Adding this service is another revenue stream. Sometimes those under the minimum jobs aren’t worth your time. But, with Direct to Film transfers, it has changed that. All you need is a heat press (besides the transfers themselves). 

Ready to elevate your clothing brand with direct to film transfers? Order a custom sample print of your design today. Own you own heat-press and t-shirts? Order the film only today!

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