How much does Custom Embroidery cost?


You may have a business, organization or even a clothing brand and curious about the pricing of custom embroidery cost. It can be a bit complex. In short, Custom Embroidery cost comes down to the type of garment, amount of stitches, location/placement and quantity. Another variable that can come into play is thread type. I can explain all those details further in this article. 

How can I make the best Custom Embroidery Design?

In order to get the custom embroidery cost, you first need some sort of design. It can be your logo or a new design you plan on releasing. The top programs that help you with that are Canva, Adobe Photoshop,  and Adobe Illustrator. You want to make sure you have the appropriate file type for the best results. Those three programs I mentioned, will help with that.

What should I be aware of when creating a design for Custom Embroidery?

As we’re now talking about threading vs ink (Screen Printing/DTG/DTF), you want to keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid small text and thin lines
  • Don’t use negative space elements
  • No distress or vintage effects
  • Stay away from photographic designs
  • Think about the garment you plan on using
  • Colors

You have your final design ready and now what’s next?
Send it over to us or your local embroidery shop. If they’re cool like Sabio Printing, they’ll give you a rough stitch count of your design. Which gives them the ability to provide you pricing. 


Garment Type

While there is a large amount of products that can be embroidered, we’re only going to focus on the main popular items. This will play a big factor in what the end cost of doing embroidery will be. 

Flexfit Classic Snapbacks
These are going to be by far the most popular item embroidery goes on. I’m sure you’ve seen the green underbill, right? That is Flexfit/Yupoong. 

Garment Dyed Heavyweight T-Shirts
When considering on doing custom embroidery on any t-shirt, make sure to look for a “heavyweight” tee. 5.5 ounces or heavier. Anything lower than that, you’re going to run into issues of your design being “crunched” up. The reason behind that, too many “stitches” are being compressed one location or on a “thin foundation”. The thicker the garment, the better.

Unisex Premium Hoodie
Most hoodies are around the 8+ ounces. As far as weight, you won’t have to worry. Due to the thickness of the fabric it’s made out of, creates a great foundation for embroidery. Popular options are Independent Trading Co Heavyweight Hoodie, District Perfect Weight Hoodie or LA Apparel Heavyweight Dyed Hoodie.

The #1 type of button t-shirt used in the market. For a business or organization to take it to the next level on appearance, a polo is a great option. While most are considered to be “mid-weight” (5-5.5 ounces), these won’t have much issue with embroidery. 

Does amount of locations/placement affect my embroidery cost?

Absolutely. The more “labor” or “materials” that come in to play, the higher the cost for embroidery will be. It’s straight forward. A hat with front only embroidery, is going to be better priced versus a hat with front and back embroidery. 


Well now you have more stitches involved. Most likely an additional setup fee involved. And it takes more thread to get the final product you’re looking for. 


How does quantity determine my custom embroidery cost?

This is all going to depend on the decoration shop you decide to go with. For instance, Sabio Printing specializes in bulk decoration. The higher the quantity, the better the pricing you’re going to get. This is also known as “wholesale”. 


While there is many variables to getting the final embroidery cost, these are going to be the main factors that determine pricing. Talk with us or your local embroidery shop to get a better idea. Some designs will take up to 15,000+ stitches or in the average area of 5,000 stitches. 

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